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Reach over 400M users in India seamlessly

  • Harness the power of conversational commerce to provide the best shopping experience on WhatsApp

Best ROAS Of All Platforms

One aspect that makes WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram so attractive

Reach out to your target audience en masse, on the platform with the highest engagement

Segmented users by creating targeted audiences, based on demographic, location, buying patterns, or even at the SKU level

Our brands have seen an average of 11X return on their Ad spend through promotions via WhatsApp

Spend less than all the other platforms combined

Send promos, enable quick replies and provide support in real-time with automated drip campaigns

Unlock WhatsApp's potential for businesses to its fullest by creating unlimited WhatsApp automated drips. No prospect left unattended

Reduce cart abandonment rate with tailored notifications and offers, nudging consumers to complete their orders - increase conversions by 15%

Verify orders automatically reducing operational costs by almost 40%

World of WhatsApp Commerce

87% of all Gen Z, 73% of all Millennials, and 41% of all Gen X use WhatsApp on a daily basis

Amplify your outreach with over 99% open rates

Higher Response Rate: Adding WhatsApp on brand website has proven to increase sales by 35%

Customers can Browse, Place, Pay and Track orders all on WhatsApp

Businesses can answer Product/Order queries, provide personalised recommendations, customised offers and more

Showcase your products in a catalogue in an easy to browse manner

Here, all items and corresponding price, and descriptions are conveniently grouped on your WhatsApp page

Collections make it even easier by allowing you to group items inside a business account, so navigation to any item in the whole list is only 2 clicks away

Being able to carry out the entire process of a purchase including Payments is very powerful and this: NO REDIRECTION necessary

This has immense potential for producing prepaid orders and we at Pragma, can help you harness it

Manage Support via WA

Offer instant support/query resolution by providing best-in-class experience, 24/7; on the platform of 2Bn+

Assist your customer support teams with an automated query resolution process. Improve your team's efficiency with a simplified and automated process

Implementing automation in marketing & support gives a 451% increment in qualified leads

Connect with other services - Integrate seamlessly across the Facebook family of apps.

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