Increase Paid Orders &

Automate COD Refunds

Integrate Cashfree with Logisy. Increase your paid orders by upto 35%

Reduce RTO & Increase Profits

Why you should go for it?

Increased Paid Orders

Convert your COD orders to paid and experience upto 35% increase in paid orders

Automated COD Refunds

Save on time and effort by automating your entire COD refund process using Cashfree's Cashgram

Exclusive Cashfree Offer

Sign up on Cashfree and do Payment Gateway transactions worth ₹5L and Payouts worth upto ₹30L for free! Unlock your Free Trial Credits.
*T&C applied

How does it work?

COD to Paid

COD order received which triggers the COD to Paid conversion process

Logisy sends Cashfree payment link for C2P via WhatsApp - optionally set custom offers to entice the customer

Customer makes payment directly to your bank account via Cashfree

COD Order converted to paid order

Automated COD Refunds

Refund requested by customer for COD order and approved by merchant

Logisy automatically creates a Cashgram link and sends to the customer's WhatsApp, email and phone (SMS)

Customer enters his/her bank account/UPI ID/Paytm no./Debit Card

Customer receives the money in his/her preferred account

How to get started?

Install Logisy

  • We need your customer support phone number
  • We will get your number approved from WhatsApp
  • You will receive an email once your Logisy account is active

Create Cashfree Account

  • Submit your business documents to Logisy
  • Account activation will happen within 2 working days of submission of documents
  • On activation, you will get a confirmation email from Cashfree

Configure Your Logisy Account

  • Integrate Cashfree with Logisy
  • Enable COD to Paid feature
  • Enable COD auto refunds (coming soon)


We were facing a huge difficulty with losses due to COD return shipments which had information missing or were fraudulent. Logisy not only resolved this issue effectively for us but also helped us automate COD refunds using their integration with Cashfree & WhatsApp API. They have a quick customer service turnaround and a professional and supportive attitude which makes working with them enjoyable. It's definitely one of the best solutions for online order verification out there.

Cinque Terre Akshai Varde Founder

In simple words, Logisy is "Customer support on steroids", the best way to serve customers via Whatsapp API. Apart from support, Logisy also gives powerful insights for some of the key order related metrics. Their new COD refund automation using cashfree refund links saves us so much time & manual effort. A must for all the Small to Medium E-Commerce brands who want to exploit the power of Whatsapp messaging without the headache of doing it themselves. Add to this, their affordable commercials which makes this product truly irresistible!

Cinque Terre Satish Singh Founder

With Logisy & Cashfree we're able to automate our entire return process. No more sending forms to customers to issue COD refunds. Logisy manages it all over whatsApp using Cashfree links.

Cinque Terre Satavisha Chakraborty Founder

Logisy is one-of-its kind customer support product, which integrates seamlessly with our Shopify store and all its backend data, and provides meaningful front end information for operations and customer support personnels. A must for all Shopify stores.

Cinque Terre Satish Singh Founder

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