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Put An End To The RTO Drama With Pragma's RTO Suite

  • Reduce overall RTO losses by 60%
  • Eliminate RTOs as early as pre-purchase
  • Leverage high risk & RTO data from across ecommerce
  • Analyse & Detect RTO Losses Before They Occur

RTO Extermination Begins Here

Within 200 ms from order placement, our AI algorithm scans 300+ parameters to identify & flag risky orders in real-time

Reduce info related RTOs by 45 to 60%

In-depth analysis of Clicks, Traffic origin, and behaviour analysis right from the instance of landing on your store’s page

This flags impulse buyers, fake orders and bots

Details such as address, pincode, phone number etc are verified and auto-corrected if needed

Orders from temporary residences such as hostels, resorts, paying guests or high-risk pincodes get flagged automatically

All placed orders are cross-referenced with other ecommerce sites to check the users for past RTO history, order cancellations and other fraudulent behaviour

Based on the above, we provide a risk assessment score for each order

Actions We Enable To Reduce RTO

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"Order Verification stops 10 to 15% of orders from being cancelled"

Send pre-configured notifications to your customers on WhatsApp, SMS & Email at the right time based on customer convenience data

Avoid manual calling and provide a great customer experience

"25 to 35% increase in paid orders through our C2P strategy"

Nudge your customers to complete their payment through custom offers, discounts and other perks, via WhatsApp, SMS & Email

These flows are fully customisable: the timing, message, offers, and the number of messages

"Increase fulfilment rate by 12 to 15%"

Last-mile and last-minute communication with your customers to give them the flexibility to adjust the time of their order delivery

Reattempt details collected from the customers are populated in Pragma, and in the dashboards of the Store, WMS and courier partners

Monitoring of courier partner performance is a crucial part of our NDR Management

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